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Volleyball drills for your summer camp

As a volleyball coach, you know that summer camps are a great way to prepare your team for the upcoming season. With so many drills and exercises available, it’s easy to overlook some of the classic drills that have been used for years. In this blog, we will explore ten common and forgotten volleyball drills that you can incorporate into your summer camp to help your players improve their skills and have fun.

  1. Pepper: Pepper is a classic warm-up drill that helps players improve their passing, setting, and hitting skills. Two players stand on opposite sides of the net and pass the ball back and forth, gradually increasing the speed and intensity of their hits.
  2. Three-Person Pepper: This variation of the classic pepper drill involves three players instead of two. One player starts by passing the ball to the second player, who sets it for the third player to hit back over the net.
  3. Queen of the Court: This drill helps players improve their serving, hitting, and defensive skills. Divide the players into teams of three or four and have them rotate positions on the court, trying to win points by hitting the ball over the net and keeping it in play.
  4. Block Jumps: This drill helps players improve their blocking skills and jumping ability. Have players practice jumping and reaching over the net to block a ball.
  5. Serve and Pass: This drill helps players improve their serving and passing skills. One player serves the ball, while the other player passes it back to them.
  6. Transition Drills: Transition drills help players practice quickly switching from offense to defense or vice versa. One example is the “side-out” drill, where one team starts with the ball and tries to win the rally and score a point.
  7. 6 on 6: 6 on 6 is a full-court game that helps players improve their teamwork, communication, and strategy skills. Each team has six players on the court, and they rotate positions after each point.
  8. Cross-Court Hitting: Cross-court hitting helps players improve their hitting accuracy and consistency. Have players hit the ball from one side of the court to the other, aiming for a specific target area.
  9. Serving Targets: Serving targets are a simple but effective way to improve serving accuracy. Set up targets on the other side of the net and have players try to hit them with their serves.
  10. Defensive Positioning: Defensive positioning drills help players improve their movement and positioning on the court. One example is the “pass and follow” drill, where players pass the ball and then quickly move to their designated defensive position.

By incorporating these ten volleyball drills into your summer camp, you can help your players become better athletes and prepare for the upcoming season. Remember to focus on proper technique, teamwork, and communication to help your players reach their full potential. With these drills, you can give your players a well-rounded experience that will help them become better volleyball players and excel on the court.

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